There is more to restoration than just cutting off rusted panels and replacing them. More often than not, your classic or muscle car could have been involved in a collision earlier in life. Our years of experience as qualified collision repairers gives us the ability to check your cars main frame and body for exact dimensionl accuracy with our 3D measuring system and maintain this through out the restoration process. It is imperative before any major cutting or sectioning is done thus weakening the structure and making for a very difficult repair. If you have a good base to work to everything else will follow. If you like nice even door gaps this is where you must start. From there, if you can’t buy replacement panels, we can custom fabricate what you need and weld it back together with our GYS inverter spot welder and you won’t even know we have been there. A full metal finish is also available if required.


  • Auto Quip chasiss machine
  • Datameasure 3D measuring system
  • GYS Inverter spot welder
  • DuoGYS mig welder HS steels Mig Brazing and Aluminium welding
  • Edwards English Wheeling Machine
  • Eckold HT 100 shrinker stretcher
  • P5 pullmax machine
  • P21 pullmax machine
  • Whitney Jensen Punch
  • Chicago Pneumatic air Hammer
  • Cenger air hammer
  • Eckold GL2 air hammer
  • 4ft rollers
  • Magna Bend Box and pan folders
  • Pexto 4ft stomp shears

Smash Repairs

With the technological advances being made in today's vehicle industry, Marshall Panelbeaters remains fully committed to keeping up with the latest repair methods. Our recent heavy investment in equipment and training will see us maintain our place in the leading group of  New Zealand collision repairers.
Like all great businesses, we know it is our people and our systems that make the difference between our competitors and ourselves.
In today’s digital age, many insurance company systems are internet based, and here at Marshall Panelbeaters we are fully set up and trained to deliver the benefits of these systems to our customers. Once your claim has been lodged with your Insurance Company, it usually only takes a quick five minute visit to our workshop, where we will take some digital images and get some claim details from you.
With the latest in quoting software and a full digital image audit trail throughout the repair process allows complete clarity and transparency to our clients, be it private or an insurance company.